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Macedonia is an ancient country with wine making traditions dating back to the ancient times of Philip of Macedon and his son Aleksander the Macedonian, later known as Aleksander the Great. Macedonia is located in the Southern part of Europe just north of the Mediterranean Sea, where the Continental and Mediterranean climates meet. The combination of sun, wind, water and fertile land allows the vines to flourish and the grapes to grow and mature naturally. This combination of factors is found in only a small number of areas in the world, and Macedonia is one of them. Grapes are harvested and sorted by hand at the peak of ripeness, and the wine and spirit making processes begin with a combination of old traditions and modern technology. The end result is wines and spirits that are rich, intense and complex in aromas and flavours that make them memorable.

Terra Makedonika

Inspired by nature, touched by herbs and infused with life. From vineyards on centuries old Monastery lands and grapes hand harvested by Monks. A blend of Vranec, Plavac and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and the infusion of wild herbs that add very delicate herbal notes.


Cases Imported

We have over a decade of experience working with the LCBO and wineries, distilleries and Breweries in Macedonia to bring you the best in category products.

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Thousands of customers have enjoyed award winning Macedonian wines, spirits and beer.

Types of Wines and Spirits

We always strive to bring in traditional favourites as well as current trends.